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August 24, 2017

“Keeping the main Thing the main Thing”

“Keeping the main Thing the main Thing”

Some questions:  What is important in your ministry?  What is important in your Sunday school class?  What is the main thing?

Three weeks ago we had a youth conference here in Arequipa.  It was well-attended by several churches, with over 500 people there each night.  Several young people received Christ as their Savior.  The special speaker was Brother Robert Canfield, one of the assistant pastors of Vison Baptist Church in Alpharetta, GA.  Robert has been my friend for a good many years. He is a humble and passionate guy.  He preached from the book of Daniel this year, each message direct and powerful.

One of the highlights of that week was a meeting held in the office at the Bible college.  Around 30 pastors, missionaries, and co-pastors filled the room.  Questions were asked mainly about the job of the co-pastor, with missionary David Gardner translating the questions and then Robert’s responses in Spanish.

This time was encouraging, inspiring, and challenging.  Robert spoke of his responsibility as co-pastor to work towards fulfilling the vision of the Pastor.  He explained what he does about pride, how he combats it in his own life, and the mental battles that take place in the position of co-pastor.  One thing that encouraged me was Robert speaking to us about what are we working towards right now.  Who are we praying for right now, who are we witnessing to right now.  Robert said that each one should have a list of people to pray for and witness to right now.

Brining it Home :


Let’s be honest here.  There are many times that we get caught up in “ministry stuff” and we forget about what ministry is all about.  Ministry is about people.  Perhaps we have our priorities out of order; it is easy to do.  When you look at Jesus’s ministry you see that He was constantly surrounded by people.  He came and died and rose again so people might be saved.  His last instruction was for the disciples to go and give this Gospel message to all people.  Let’s keep the main thing the main thing, and that is bringing people to Christ.


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