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November 04, 2017

“Discipling Others” 

Part 1 

“Discipling Others” 

Part 1 

I think the first step in discipling others is to love them. It was amazing to feel the change that came over me when early in the morning, little Ian Mark Bateman made his first appearance in this world. Before he said his first words, took his first steps, or even before his first diaper was changed I loved him. I remember being overwhelmed with joy and love that first morning as we sat in the hospital room and I held him and looked into his great big blue eyes. I loved that little fellow.

For our children, whom we love deeply, we will do and endure almost anything. For love’s sake we go without sleep, even food, we make sacrifices, and work to provide for them. We don’t kick them out when they make mistakes; we love them, correct them, and help them overcome.

We must approach discipleship in the same way. Discipleship must start with “I love you, and because I love you I am going to help you.” Paul said of Timothy “…as a son…” Twice he calls him son in I Timothy and twice more in 2 Timothy. Our disciples will make mistakes, big mistakes. We mustn’t give up on them, but in love lead them in the right way.
We can see the example of Christ as he worked and instructed his disciples day in and day out. He had some hardheaded, egotistic, doubting, and mouthy disciples. He gave correction when correction was due, praise when praise was due, and comfort and restoration when they went astray.

Brining it Home :

We will never truly make disciples until we love them as sons and daughters.



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