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November 25, 2017

“Jehovah’s Witnesses In Argentina” 

“Jehovah’s Witnesses In Argentina” 

The history of the Jehovah’s Witnesses in Argentina goes back to 1923. In less than a year they had distributed 1,480 books and 300,000 copies of other publications in 25 principal cities of the country.


During these years Argentina was receiving an exponential number of immigrants, and like in America these immigrants would gather in certain areas in the cities and kept much of their ethnic culture and language. So the JW’s distributed publications in 17 languages in order to propagate their beliefs.

Argentina is an expansive country, roughly a third of the size of the United States. In order to reach the population that was scattered out over such an immense country, the JW’s hit the railroad system, which was the most developed system in Latin America at the time. In a period of about seven years the JW’s had established a strong presence in Argentina.

Presently there are over 2,000 congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Argentina. Currently around 3.4% of Argentina’s population are active Jehovah’s Witnesses. These people have moved from the teachings of works-based justification of the Roman Catholic Church to the works-based justification of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. They have been deceived.

Brining it Home :

I hope this causes you to see the need for us as Baptists to work together to get the truth of the Gospel to these people. I hope this burdens you to do more personally to present the Gospel to your lost neighbors.

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  1. Jacky Manchester

    Satan works hard, we need to work harder it seems


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Shawn Bateman is a Christian, husband, father, and minister of Jesus Christ. He and his family are heading to Argentina to plant churches. Please consider partnering with us as we take the Gospel to Argentina!


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