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January 16, 2018

“Bateman Children Adventures” 

“Bateman Children Adventures” 

The other day I went out to a store and I took Caroline with me. We stopped at a red light, when the light changed Caroline told me that she had looked out the window and saw a little girl. The little girl saw Caroline and stared back.


Caroline is seven and has a special way of describing things, so she continued her story by saying “I was looking at her like this (blank face), and she was starring at me like this (blank face again). Then I smiled at her, and she smiled back!”

When she finished her story it reminded me that as Christians it is our responsibility to take the initiative. Caroline smiled first and the little girl responded with her own smile. Christ has commanded us to go and tell the world the Gospel. We must not expect the world to come to us, we must go to them. Christ teaches us also that if we have a brother that has ought against us we should be the ones that take action to resolve the issue (Matthew 5:23-24).

Brining it Home :

Let’s not sit back waiting on the world to change, waiting on people to come to us, waiting on problems to resolve themselves. Let us take initiative and watch God work.


  1. Bert Bateman

    We are praying for you and the work you all are doing. May God prosper it that it may bring forth much fruit…Amen

  2. Darrell Cox

    Hey Brother you were our missionary of the week last week. Many prayed for you and the family daily and weekly by our church even when your ministry is not highlighted. Hope all is well and post is definitely an encouragement.

    Lord Bless You

    Bro Darrell Cox
    Whitfield Baptist -Wayne Cofield Pastor


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Shawn Bateman is a Christian, husband, father, and minister of Jesus Christ. He and his family are heading to Argentina to plant churches. Please consider partnering with us as we take the Gospel to Argentina!


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