I think this is a good question for the end of the year. We have no treasured memories from the field because we haven’t gotten there yet.   So I will give you my most treasured memory from deputation so far.  One Sunday we had been out all day.  Literally all day.  Most Sundays are like this.  We leave the house to drive to church, go get something to eat, drive some more.  Occasionally we have some down time so we park and read a book, and let the kids get out and run off their energy.  Then we load back up to go to another church, then drive back home.


Bethany Bateman

So we were driving back late that night, and I had been thinking “Man I have been dragging my kids around all day.  They are tired.  I hope they understand the reason for what we are doing.”  So I thought I would try and help them understand.  I looked in my rearview mirror and everyone was asleep but Bethany.  Bethany is our second child, she is six, very talkative, and a bundle of energy.  You can check out an interview I did with her here. 

I asked Bethany why we travel so much and stayed out late on Sundays.  She responded with “So we can get to Argentina.”  I told her that was right, but then asked her why we need to go to Argentina.  She responded with “So we can give them the gospel.”  I smiled, but on the  inside I was shouting.

I want my children to understand that what we are doing is worth it.  It’s worth the late nights, the gas spent, and the time on the road.  I want to do more than that.  I want them to be involved as well.  I want them to see that it is not only worthwhile for me to do it, but it is worthwhile for them to give their life in this endeavor as well.  The greatest joy I have is serving Christ.  The second greatest joy is serving Christ with my family.

This post is part 9 in the series “Answering Vision” and is taken from the panel discussion questions from the missions conference at Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta GA.  You can read last week’s question here.

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