In I Chronicles 17 David is sitting in his house, a very nice house made of cedar.  David has come a long way from watching sheep in the fields to dwelling now in a beautiful palace in the city of Jerusalem.  As he sits there he has a desire to do something for God.  He wants to honor God by building Him a house.  You know the story and how God doesn’t allow David to build the house but allows his son to do so.  David spent the rest of his life attaining supplies, land, and materials to construct the temple.  Before he died he charged his son to accomplish the task that God had given him to do.  Years later Solomon would stand on the porch of the great temple and pray, and sacrifice to the LORD.  For the next four hundred years the Jewish people would go there and offer up sacrifices and worship God.

There are three things that I want to point out from this story.

  1. God blessed David:  This is the guy who was tending his fathers sheep.  On the day that David killed Goliath, his brother mentioned David tending those  “few sheep in the Unknownwilderness.”  Not a very noble job.  Also, this is the young man who, even though he was a son of Jesse, wasn’t even called for when Samuel came to town to anoint one of Jesse’s sons to be king. Times have changed now.  David went from being the youngest to being king; he went from leading a few sheep to leading a nation.  Now David sits in a beautiful home with great riches, his wildest dreams have came true.  David has been blessed.
  2. It starts with a dream:  By dream I mean a desire, or a vision to do something.  David sits there in his home thinking about the goodness of God on his life.  He thinks “man, I’d like to do something big for God.”  Okay, maybe not those exact words but something along that line.  David has a dream to build a beautiful temple to house the ark of the covenant in.  A beautiful temple where God’s people could come and worship God.  Several years later all of Israel would be assembled.  The priest would come walking through their midst carrying the Ark of the Covenant to the temple.  They would place the Ark of the Covenant there in the temple, trumpets would blow, and the men and women would sing.  A feast was held and sacrifices made.  Solomon would pray and bless the people.  All of this started with David one day having a dream to do something great for his God.
  3. Some questions for you:  Has God blessed you?  Every week I’m in at least three and sometimes up to six different churches, meeting hundreds of people.  Many of the elderly that I meet in churches are people who have retired from really good jobs. Then many of the young people I meet have been blessed with nice homes, healthy families, and good-paying jobs.  Yes, God has blessed you and me.  The second question is: do you have a dream to do something for God?  Is there something that you can do to help further the kingdom of heaven? If you don’t, then allow me to ask you to do this: sit in your home today and think about all the blessings that God has poured out on you.  Think about the great salvation that you have.  Does that not make you want to do something great for God?  Last question is this, are you acting on those dreams?  Maybe you do have a desire to do something for God.  Are you taking action to see it done or will you die never moving forward with it?  A great temple was built to honor God, and it all started with one man having a dream.
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