During a recent visit with my family in Western North Carolina, a few thoughts came to my mind.  I was out walking in the woods on our mountain and I saw several good lessons about missions and ministry.  Fruit of an Oak tree ripe in autumn

As I was walking I stopped and noticed an acorn at my foot.  It is so small.  My little baby girl could hold it in her hand.  Yet I was not just looking at an acorn, I was looking at a huge Oak tree.  A tree so large that it feeds multiple squirrels and a family of deer with its acorns.  It will be the home for hundreds of birds to build their nest down through the years.  That little acorn has all the potential in the world to grow and develop into as big a tree as the one it fell from.  It could even grow into a bigger tree!

One of the things that I have been taught is the importance of double-vision. By double-vision I mean the ability to see the possible in other people’s lives.  Keep in mind that with our God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.  We must have the ability to see beyond what someone is today to what God can make them in the future.

When the angel shows up to give Gideon his marching orders in the book of Judges, Gideon is hiding.  The angel, however, addresses him as a “Mighty man of valor.”  Gideon was hiding, but over the course of a few verses, Gideon was transformed into a brave leader, and with three hundred men he defeated an army.

Samuel came into Bethlehem and went to Jesse’s house for the purpose of anointing a king.  When the eldest was brought out God said “That is not the one.”  One after another Jesse’s sons were brought out and with each one God said no.  Finally David was fetched in from the field and Samuel took the horn of oil and poured the oil upon David’s head.  Everyone there saw “the boy” the “baby” of the family.  God saw a man who would defeat giants, capture cities, and lead a nation.

Keep in mind that with our God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

The early disciples had heard of a man named Saul, who had been arresting them, and even having some Christians killed.  It seemed that this man was their arch enemy.  Yet God saw in this man the boldness and the zeal that was necessary to take the Gospel to the Gentiles.

Do you have double-vision?  Can you see the possibilities in others?  It will change your interactions with people.  It will revolutionize your children’s ministry.  That five year old who is climbing the walls could one day be pastor of the church.  The teenager with the “don’t give a rip about nuthin” attitude could be the next Jim Elliot.  You will start to see each facet of your ministry there at the church as an avenue to draw out the possible from people’s lives.  You will use your pulpit to cast a vision to those sitting in the pews of what God can do in them and through them.

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