These are pictures taken from the last two Sundays.  I hope you enjoy.


The first thing the girls do when we enter a hotel room is find the notepad and pen supplied in each room.   They then proceed to fill up each piece of paper with drawings of flowers, children, mommies and daddies, puppies, kittens, and, in Savannah’s case, monsters.


Sometimes we read and play games in the van…IMG_0958and some times we catch up on our sleep.


Gas stations are a great source of entertainment.

Madelyn has found a new friend.

IMG_0922Look out for a new show “Ian, Texas Ranger.”


We stopped by and visited with Andy and Opie in between services. The kids were excited!
IMG_0966We do MUCH more at restaurants than just eat.

Snowy mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee. IMG_0969The van afterwards.

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