The news mill is in a whirl with new stories and articles coming out from Argentina.  The main cause of this is the new policies being put into place by newly elected President Mauricio Macri.  Macri is also having a series of meetings with other government officials from around the world in an effort to repair damaged relationships, and to strengthen Argentina’s global trade prospects.  French President François Hollande will make a visit this week, followed up by President Obama in March.  Argentina Flag old, isolated on white background.

Things are going to be difficult for Argentina if they are to overcome the financial slump their country is in.  There have already been electricity hikes, and gas prices are set to rise in June.  Also the government is in negotiations with the UTE education union over teachers’ salaries.  The union has stated that if they do not see substantial pay increases there won’t be very many teachers.  President Macri has been talking about a 25% increase but the union has spoken out that this would be “impossible to accept.”

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