Actually Concordia’s name is San Antonio de Padua de la Concordia, but it is most of the time shortened to Concordia.  You can pull up this link on Google maps and take a closer look. If you have never used the google maps they are a helpful tool.  In the right hand corner of the map you will see a + and a – which can be used to zoom in and out.  Also there is an image of a little man which if you click and drag him onto the map parts of the map will be highlighted in blue.  You can drop your man on the highlighted areas and it will give you the street view of the city and you can take a virtual tour of the city.  250px-Concordia,_Entre_Rios,_Argentina

Back to Concordia!  On Wikipedia’s list of Argentinian cities Concordia is listed at #20 with 171,200 people.  The city is known as the national capital of citrus production.  It sits on the western side of the Río Uruguay and is known not only for the citrus products that they grow there but also for its fishing and riverside beaches.


I have searched my database of churches, pastors, and missionaries in Argentina, and I have searched with Google as well.  I have not been able to find any Baptist church or missionary working in this city.  I hope someone is able to email me and tell me otherwise.  Can you imagine a city of this size in the Southeast of the United States with no Baptist church? Will you join me this week in praying for Concordia?  Pray that someone will go there and establish Bible-believing Baptist churches in this great city.

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