Santiago del Estero is thought to be 455 years old and was the first city established by the Spanish in the territory of Argentina.  It is known as “Madre de Ciudades” which means Mother of Cities, and is the capital of the province with the same name. It has a population of 267,000 people in the city proper.  This is comparable to Orlando, Fl.  Santiago del Estero sits on the Rio Dulce.  Just across the river is another city, La Banda, which has a population of 147,000 people.   This makes for a rather large metro area.


The Cathedral in the city.

Since the city is located in the northern part of the country (and closer to the equator) it sits in the subtropical regions of Argentina.  The day times can become very hot, but the nights cool down.

I do not know personally any missionaries there.  The list I have for Independent Baptist missionaries does not list anyone in the entire province. A google search reveals one missionary family and possibly two churches in the area, though I have no idea what their affiliation or beliefs are.  I compared this city with the city of Orlando; now go and Google how many Baptist churches are in Orlando.  There are many. Orlando has the Gospel and praise God for that!  May God use this comparison to stir your heart for the need of church planting and evangelism around the world.  Maybe you should surrender to go to Santiago del Estero.  You definitely should be praying that God would send forth laborers into His field.

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