Resistencia is the capital of the province of Chaco.  The city has a population of 297,00 with close to an additional 100,000 in the metro area of the city.  It sits in the northeastern section of the country, in the hot and humid subtropical region just south of Brazil.

It is known as “the City of Sculptures.”  Over 500 sculptures and works of art

Statue in Resestencia

Statue in Resestencia

are located throughout the city.  In 1878 the Argentinian government promoted immigration within the region and Italians started to immigrate there.

The province in which Resistencia sits in (Chaco) has a population of close to 1 million people.  I have found one potential Baptist in the whole area.  Imagine if your state had only 1 church for every million people.  Allow me to list some the states I have been in and give you a picture of what that would be like:

Florida-19 churches

South Carolina-5 churches

Ohio-11 churches

Georgia-10 churches

Mississippi-3 churches

Look on the fields for they are white unto harvest.  Please pray this week for the province of Chaco and the great city of Resistencia.

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