I snapped a few pics during the previous week and thought I’d share some insight into what my life looks like and what I get to see during the course of a week.

The week started out with the largest attendance in Sunday School class so far.  We had 28 to attend.


On Monday night my friend Joaquin and I visited the Plaza de Yanahuara.  We went into the Iglesia de Yanahuara right after Mass.


One of the many images of Christ in the church.  I’m thankful that I serve a risen Savior who is not dead, but lives.

While we were there, some people came up and prayed at the shrine.

Below is the interior of the building.  This church is in one of the older parts of town.  The building was built in the 1700’s.

This is “tuna,” it is a fruit taken from cactus.  It is very good.

Fresh octopus in a local grocery store.  I had never eaten octopus until we came here, and, evidently, anything deep-fried tastes good.

The rainy season is upon us, and with the rainy season comes flies.  This is a fly strip in our language school classroom after being up for only 24 hours!

Need a napkin holder?  Necessity is the mother of invention.

On Friday night I was able to drive a group of young men to a youth conference at Victory Baptist Church in the northern part of the city.

Back to Sunday again.  We went out to eat with some friends after church.  13 people in my car!

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