Shawn Bateman, Misionary to Argentina

May 25, 2017

“Chinese and the Cults”

Recently, during a return flight back home, I was seated next to a business man from Arizona, whose name was Mike.

He was on his way to the Green Hill copper mine near our house. He told me some interesting facts about the mine; we then talked about politics, the environment, business, and a whole array of other subjects. He mentioned something about the Chinese and their business endeavors, and I mentioned that Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, the President of Peru has spent some time in China. Mike’s response was “Of course. That is where the money is.” He went on to tell me that in his trips to Africa he always sees Chinese business men and government officials. “There’s always a bus full of them, because they are communists and they make decisions in committees,” Mike told me. He spoke of the road infrastructures, dams, and buildings that China is helping other countries in Africa to build in exchange for natural resources and business opportunities. Mike said that it seems like they are everywhere and into everything.

This reminded me a lot of what I have seen here in South America. I have seen Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses in every city I have visited in South America. As a matter of fact I saw some Mormons today. When my family flew down for language school, we were on a plane with more than five mormon families heading to South America. Every time I have been in the Lima International Airport I have seen mormons. I see them in restaurants here and they even have knocked on my door wanting to talk. They were on our flight back from Buenos Aires when Emily and I returned from our survey trip, and almost every time I visit the airport in our city to pick someone up or drop someone off, there are Mormons either coming or going. Most of them are young men and young women beginning or finishing their two years of missions service.
The Jehovah’s Witnesses can be seen in my neighborhood every week, leaving their material and knocking on doors. They set up their stands in front of every mall or supermarket that will permit them, and they pass out free literature.
These cults are everywhere and they are working diligently. What about us? May I challenge you today, young person, to give your life to missions? May I challenge you parents and grandparents to encourage, and pray for your children and grandchildren that they might give their lives to proclaiming the Gospel of Christ throughout the world?


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