“Graduation & A Growing Sunday School”

Shawn Bateman, Misionary to Argentina

June , 2017


Letter, June 2017

We had a graduation in May! Emily finished her formal language school training the last week of the month.

What does finishing language school mean? It means that you have gone through the course and have studied the grammar of the language. Do you know all of the language? No, but it means that you can communicate, and you have the tools to learn and grow. So pray for Emily as she practices and continues to grow in the language, and pray for me as I still have a few more weeks left in school.

“Emily and her language school teacher Silvia”

“Emily and her language school teacher Silvia”

In May we launched the Sunday School program in the church. We have in total six classes.

“Adult Sunday School Class”

“Adult Sunday School Class”

“This has been a great experience for me because I have been made the director of the program and it has really stretched my Spanish. Along with being in constant communication with the teachers I have been conducting meetings every other Thursday night after the church service, teaching, and working out any bugs that have come up. Our first Sunday we had 54 in attendance and the second Sunday we had 68! Pray that the program will grow and that we can establish a strong Sunday School that will endure and flourish!”

Things To Pray For:

    A continual progress in Spanish.
    That we will grow in our Spanish speaking abilities.

    That the Sunday School program will continue to grow.

    We have a new ministry idea that we are working on (more information to come in the next few months); pray that we will have wisdom in how to move forward.


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