“June was a busy month “

Shawn Bateman, Misionary to Argentina

July , 2017

Letter, July 2017

June was a busy month with many groups coming down to see the ministry here in Arequipa.

I was able to help with the groups during the afternoons and evenings. We also had a few people from one of the groups stay with us in our home. It is always fun to help show others around the city and see many of them experience South American culture for the first time.

A missions trip is always an eye-opener. I know it was for me. If you have never taken a missions trip, I would like to encourage you to contact my board, Vision Baptist Missions in Alpharetta, Georgia. They organize missions trips every year to many countries through out the world.

Sunday school is going great!

“Adult Sunday School Class”

“Preaching in Omega Baptist Church”

Initially I had hoped to have an average attendance of 50 for the month of June, but we actually had an average attendance of 68, hitting a high of 74 one Sunday. Pray for wisdom as we continue with this program. We have 10 months before we leave from language school, and we want to leave behind a Sunday School program that is well-established.

The first Sunday in July we established a “Workers/Teachers Meeting” which will be a monthly meeting designed to train up new workers for Sunday school. It takes place every first Sunday of the month an hour before the Sunday evening meeting.

Prayer Points:

    Continue to pray as we advance in the Spanish language.
    Pray for the Sunday School program, for its development and growth.Pray for fruit.
    We have 5,000 invitations for Sunday School.  A specific invitation for each class. Pray that we will see some visitors from these invitations.

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  1. Laura Perez

    Praying and believing with y’all!


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