“Every Sunday we have visitors in Sunday School “

Shawn Bateman, Misionary to Argentina

August , 2017

Letter, August 2017

In July our oldest daughter Bethany turned 9! We are thankful for Bethany; she makes friends wherever she goes. Our prayer is that God will use her life in a big way for His glory.

The other big highlight for July is that we had a youth conference at the Bible College where I’m studying Spanish. There were over 500 in attendance every night from many of the churches here in the city. Pastor Robert Canfield, co-pastor at Vision Baptist Church, preached each night and day from the book of Daniel. Many young people accepted Christ as their Savior! .

Every Sunday we have visitors in Sunday School and church. Pray for me as I will be working together with a young man in the church on following up with these visitors.

“Adult Sunday School Class”

“We are thankful for Bethany”

Every Sunday we have visitors in Sunday School and church. Pray for me as I will be working together with a young man in the church on following up with these visitors.

Also in July we began inviting several young people to our home for lunch on Thursdays. We eat lunch and afterwards we read aloud and discuss one epistle. This came about one day as we were looking for new verses for the Sunday School students to memorize.

Two guys were at my house that day for lunch and we read the entire book of Philippians in search of good memory verses. We enjoyed it so much that we did it again the next week. We’ve had as many as eight young people here for lunch. Counting my family, that is fifteen people.

We eat lunch and talk about themes from the Bible. We then read a different book every week and I answer questions if they have any.

Afterwards we either go to the church and clean or we go out into the streets and pass out invitations until church time.

Prayer Points:

    I am less than a month away from finishing language school! Pray that we will all grow in the language.
    Pray that Sunday School will grow.
    Pray that God will bless each new ministry opportunity that we have.


  1. Jacky Manchester

    I thought it was very interesting where you shared about having folks over for lunch one day a week. I have moved back to Texas after being gone for 6 years and I had the same idea. I want to have one family, neighbor or friends, over each week for a meal. So far, because it is so hot and I don’t have air conditioning ( in E Texas) I have had to stop for the season after only having guests 3 times. But I like your Bible study idea very much and will incorporate it, not as teacher, but asking folks to share how God is speaking to them from the Word. Blessings as you finish your language studies and raise your precious family, and serve our Almighty God. One question? Are these local folks, or students, or fellow church members, do you have a criteria? I don’t I just made a list of neighbors that I want to renew friendship with. Some are saved, not all.

  2. L. Roberson

    Praise the Lord for his faithfulness as he guides and directs the Bateman family…May He continue to use each one of you to bring glory to him….

  3. Shawn

    Hey Jacky, sorry I am just now seeing this comment. The young people are from the church, some are from the seminary, and a few are students in the Universidad near our house. Thanks for reading and praying for us!


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