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Shawn Bateman, Misionary to Argentina

September 21, 2017

“Argentina In the News” 

“Argentina In the News” 

Currently Venezuela is in the news almost on a daily basis. The failed social politics of their government has made life unbearable, and thousands are fleeing the country. The number of Venezuelans seeking refuge in the US has jumped over 160% in the last year.

Many are seeking asylum in Argentina, and Argentina has made it easier for them to receive a Visa. Last year, 12,859 Venezuelans entered Argentina, and already this year the number of refugees entering the country soared to 8,333 in just the first quarter of the year! You can read more about the crisis and what Argentina is doing to help here

The condition of Argentina’s economy is always a concern. They are recovering from an economic crisis that took place over 15 years ago. With electricity bills skyrocketing 300%-500%, on top of inflation, many people are not happy. Yet the economy is improving and expanding with a projected growth of around 2.3%, which is better than the -2.5% of last year. Also iphones are being sold in Argentina for the first time in six years as the President intends to bring one of the most closed economies in the world onto the world stage. Read more about it here.


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Batemans in Argentina

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