In September we celebrated Ian’s and Caroline’s birthdays.

Shawn Bateman, Misionary to Argentina

October , 2017

Letter, October 2017

In September we celebrated Ian’s and Caroline’s birthdays.
We are so thankful for them, and ask that you pray for them and all our children that they would grow in grace, and in the knowledge of God.

For our Sunday School we had a “Friend Day” in September and we had a record attendance of 89, including 9 new visitors. The Sunday School has continued to grow and we had an average attendance of 74 in the month of September. We also have 2,000 invitations for the Sunday School that we will be giving out in the following weeks. Pray that we might see results from this effort. With language school completed, I am still working on my Spanish. I am reading, speaking with people, and writing articles and messages, all in Spanish. Pray as we continue to grow in the language. One of the first steps in ministering in a different culture is speaking the language.

“Adolescent’s Class on Friend Day”

“Adult Sunday School Class”

“Young Couples’s Class on Friend Day”

Living in South America for over a year now, I’ve had the opportunity to visit several cities and towns. One thing I have noticed is that Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons are everywhere. The other day I was studying about a city in Argentina that has two Baptist churches in it. The city is surrounded by smaller towns, none of which have any Baptist churches ministering in them. Yet the JW’s and Mormons are there in those smaller towns, and they have a very strong presence in the city. According to their website the Mormons have 792 congregations in Argentina.

Prayer Points:

Please pray that more men and women will surrender to missions, and that more national workers will be raised up to start Gospel-preaching churches in the cities and towns of South America.

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  1. Jacky Manchester

    Thank you Shawn for the update(s) I read the article by the priest and I am not surprised, but am delighted that you brought out that most of the evangelical pastors there are indigenous not from outside the country. This is how it ought to be. I have even wondered if believers in other countries thought American missionaries were very proud to think that they needed to go to them to teach them how to be Christians. Do you ever see that? I have many missionaries on my mailing list and most of them work hard at training the native peoples to minister to their own folks. Blessings, and I am happy that your kids celebrated their birthdays and did they have a Pin~ata? I don’t know how to put the squiggle over the letter 🙂


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