“I’m thankful that we have a sure hope “

Shawn Bateman, Misionary to Argentina

January , 2018

Letter, January 2018

I sat eating breakfast with my children on the first day of the year telling them what big changes this year would bring, and went over all the plans that we have. 

All of this is dependent on one thing: if it is God’s will. We are entirely dependent on Him, there have been times even in our own lives that our plans changed because God had other things in mind. James 4:15 says “For that ye ought to say, If the Lord will, we shall live, and do this, or that.” Pray for us this year that God would be with us and direct us in each step of the way. We had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. The Christmas spirit extends well past December 25th here in South America, and continues on to January 6th which is “El Día de Los Reyes” or “The Day of the Kings”. 

This day is also known as the Epiphany, Theophany, or Little Christmas, and commemorates the Magi giving their gifts to Jesus. If you are like me you have never even heard of this day, but it is very big in South American culture. People will leave their Christmas decorations up, and give presents on this day. My wife and I saw a small procession as we were on our way to a wedding. Coming down one of the main avenues, the police were escorting three men dressed as kings riding on horseback. They were on their way to the Cathedral for a special service. Along with some friends, I have been going out on the streets, using a questionnaire to speak with strangers. It takes 2 minutes but sometimes some great conversations are struck up and a door to witness is opened. One of the questions is “When you die where do you think you will go?” There are four options: “Heaven,” “Hell,” “Purgatory,” or “Who knows?” The vast majority of people I speak with are professing Catholics, yet around 80% of them are answering “Who knows”. I’m thankful that we have a sure hope, and that one can know for certain where they will go when they die!

Prayer Points:

Pray for those we are meeting and witnessing to on the streets.

Pray for one man named Franco that I have been speaking to and inviting to church.

Pray for the four people that I am having discipleship with currently that they will grow in their faith, and in their service to our Lord.


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