“The Family Life of a Christian Leader

Aijith Fernando

Shawn Bateman, Misionary to Argentina

May 31, 2018

The Family Life of a Christian Leader 

Loving with honor is the way for a husband to bring completion to his wife. Women are completed by receiving affection. That is the way they are made. I asked the wives of some of our Youth for Christ staff how they would like their husbands to express their love for them. Here are some of the answers I got. They said, “I want him   to:

  • Believe   me.
  • Speak well of me and not speak of my weaknesses before others, especially   before his family.
  • Point out my errors lovingly without shouting at  me.
  • Speak nicely when he is upset with me.
  • Appreciate what I do and praise me.
  • Help with the work around the house, especially looking after the child; words are not enough.
  • Volunteer to help me with my chores.
  • Take his weekly day off without fail and do things I like to do on that day.
  • Be concerned for my spiritual and other welfare.
  • Inquire how I am faring.
  • Act quickly when I express a need.
  • Look after himself, be well groomed and clean
  • Listen to me.
  • Understand   me.
  • Tell me if he is coming late.
  • Take me out on a date.

I was surprised that none of the wives talked about their husbands buying things for them, especially because I know that all of our staff workers are struggling to make ends meet financially! But every point in this list fits in with the love-and-honor model for husbands advocated in the New Testament. Husbands need to work hard to find what their wives like and try their best to provide them with those things.


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