“The month of May ended our time of official language learning.”

Shawn Bateman, Misionary to Argentina

Prayer Letter May, 2018

Letter, May 2018

The month of May ended our time of official language learning. We packed up everything and flew back to the states on the last day of May.

We will be here till the first of November, arranging some paperwork, and visiting churches. The Lord worked in a big way and we were able to save about $5,000.00 on our airplane tickets! The day we were to fly out of Arequipa the city had a “paro” which translates to “stop”. They were protesting the price of gas, and the city literally came to a stop. They were throwing rocks at cars and shouting at people. We had never seen this our whole time in South America, and on our last day there we were still learning culture! Thankfully we made it out without incident, thanks to some planing ahead of time. We had stationed all our luggage near the airport the night before, and arrived safely at the airport for our flight.

Emily and me with Doris the night she got saved.

Emily and me with Doris the night she got saved.

One special blessing is that, on our last Sunday there, Emily and I were able to lead our friend Doris to the Lord! We have known her for about a year and a half, and we have shared the Gospel with her, given her invitations to the church, and gave her a Bible. She told us that night “My sins have been tormenting me.” After she prayed and received Christ I showed her from the book of Colossians that God has forgiven her of all her sins. Please pray for this single mother and her two young children.

Now that language school is over, we are beginning the next phase of our ministry, which is starting a church. We will be moving to Rosario, Argentina later this year, and our plans are to get settled in quickly and immediately start working towards launching our first church in Argentina!

Thank you for your prayers and faithful support throughout our missionary process. Keep praying.

Prayer Points:

  • Pray for our safety as we visit churches.
  • Pray that we might be an encouragement to pastors and churches.
  • Pray that we might obtain our residency in Argentina without problems.


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