“Joy The Wealth of a Home

Aijith Fernando 

Shawn Bateman, Misionary to Argentina

July 15, 2018

Are you wealthy? You can be. You can have an incredibly wealth home.

Joy: The Wealth of a Home

When Sri Lanka endured a violent revolution in 1988– 89, life was very troublesome and somewhat dangerous. The schools were closed for months at a time. Many left the country, saying they were going away for the sake of their children. I had just returned from a six-month sabbatical at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in the United States. I had been very happy there, doing things I love to do— such as studying, writing, and teaching. In the middle of the troubles, in 1989, Gordon-Conwell wrote to offer me what looked like a dream job in terms of what I like to do. But my wife and I were convinced that our calling was for lifetime ministry in Sri Lanka, so I declined the invitation. Yet we needed to make it worthwhile for our children that we stayed in Sri Lanka. After all, it was us and not them who had responded to a call to Sri Lanka. When my wife and I talked about this, we decided that the best blessing we could leave to our children was a happy home. Whatever they experienced outside, they should know that they would be coming to a warm, accepting, and happy place. I soon came to realize that happiness is the real wealth of a home.


  1. Jacky Manchester

    I love the perspective and understanding of real spiritual values in this paragraph. I pray that this is true in your home and that your precious girls are full of the joy of being loved and nurtured and considered valuable to you and to the ministry. God bless you.

    • Shawn Bateman

      Thanks Jacky for your comment. We endeavor to always make our family a priority.


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