“The Greatness Of Our Opportunity””
Jack Hyles 

Shawn Bateman, Misionary to Argentina

July 24, 2018

Here Brother Jack Hyles has some greet thoughts on our calling and the opportunities God gives us in preaching.

“The Bible has the answer! The truths of the Bible are ingredients of that answer. They are life and death. The preacher does not have to build them up; he has to dwell on them in such a manner so he can build himself up to realize the magnitude of his preaching and the importance of Bible truths being conveyed to his people. There are no live preachers and dead preachers; there are preachers who convince themselves of the urgency and greatness of their calling and there are preachers who do not!

Remember that you have only one chance. This will be perhaps the only time you will preach this sermon to this congregation. They must get it now or perhaps they will never get it. Many of them will be hearing this truth for the one and only time in their lives. This realization should lead you to do your best and give your best as you preach it.”


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