“In August I received news of two more churches partnering with us to take the gospel to Argentina! “

Shawn Bateman, Misionary to Argentina

Prayer Letter August, 2018

Letter, August 2018

In August I received news of two more churches partnering with us to take the gospel to Argentina!

We are always thankful for new supporters.
This month I traveled to churches in Alabama and in North Carolina, giving updates, and then presenting in a few new churches. I have had the opportunity to speak to a few young people about missions while in these churches.

The devil doesn’t have all the young people; there are many that are in church serving Christ! Pray that God would call many of these young people to service in missions and that I might be an encouragement to them. We also had some problems with our van during August, and lost the transmission. The van was in the shop for three weeks being repaired. We are thankful to finally have it back.

The economy continues to deteriorate. Back in January, the peso was trading 1 for 18 to the
US dollar; now it is around 1 for 38. So far in 2018 the Argentine currency is the worst
preforming currency in the world. Pray that God might use these hard economic times to
prepare peoples hearts to receive the Gospel message.

Did You Know?
Rosario is the city where the Argentine flag was first revealed, by it’s creator Manuel Belgrano in 1812. The city has built the National Flag Monument there in the city and Belgrano’s tomb
lies underneath. It is the most recognizable landmark in all of Rosario.

Prayer Points:

  • Pray that all needs and expenses will be supplied for our move.
  • Pray that God might give us safety as we travel.
  • Pray that God might use me to challenge young people to surrender to missions.


  1. Jacqueline Manchester

    Hello friends, greetings from north east Texas USA.
    Well, I see that broken down vans and cars are not exclusive to any people anywhere. I just crunched mine on Tuesday. No report from the auto shop yet, but I am pretty sure it will be counted as not worth fixing. It is rather funny, that 2 grandsons have been telling me I need to get another vehicle, but I have kept saying, I will just stay with this one until it quits. I think that has happened now. Its like in the Word when God sends prophets with a warning, and the people don’t listen, and then God gets their attention!!!
    I am happy for you to have more support. Have you reached 100% yet? You were in Argentina already, so are you just on a furlough? Or did you come back for some other reason?
    Your girls are growing into lovely young ladies. They grow and change so fast. I am grandmother of 14, ages 42 down to 21, and great-grandmother to 21 ages 11 down to 2 weeks. Family is very important to me. I am living on the family homestead, which my grandson Caleb, bought from his mother when his dad died, and she did not want to live here. I have had a trailer here on the property for 35 years and have been able to be part of the home schooling of my grands and now am teaching Caleb’s girl Eden 6.
    Its true what you say about not all young people are in the clutches of the devil. Some folks are still raising their children to be godly, and the young people are getting saved. The most important thing we can do for our children is to be what we want them to be, live for Jesus and model His loving care for others. God bless you all, Looking unto Jesus, Heb 12:2

    • Shawn Bateman

      Hey Jackie, We are on a short furlough to get some paper work fixed. We just bought tickets yesterday so our departure date is on November the 28th. Yes, my daughters are growing up and they are lovely ladies, they take after their mother. Glad to hear from you!


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