“We arrived in Argentina on the 29th of November.”

Shawn Bateman, Misionary to Argentina

Prayer Letter November, 2018

Letter, November 2018

We arrived in Argentina on the 29th of November. We made it through two flights, customs, and a four-hour bus ride.

The G20 summit was taking place that same week, so security was higher and lines were longer, but we made it to Rosario without incident. We have rented an apartment as a temporary living situation while we look for a house.

Please pray for us in this first major step. Finding a house is not easy and some of the laws here complicate things. Already I’ve received many opportunities to share the Gospel with people. People want to know why we are here and this always opens a door for us. Many of you have already sent in Christmas gifts, and for that we are truly thankful. They are especially appreciated since we are facing all the expenses of setting up in a different country!

Here is the first photo of us in Argentina!

Here is the first photo of us in Argentina!

Rosario: The neighborhoods here in Rosario are called barrios. Usually a barrio is made up of ten city blocks squared. Within the neighborhoods live tens of thousands of people, and the vast majority here do not even have one Baptist church within the neighborhood. There is truly a great harvest here.

Please pray that God will raise up more laborers for this field.

Prayer Points:


Pray that we get our residency.
Pray that we find a house quickly.
Pray that God will save souls through our ministry here.


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