“They Are Watching”

Shawn Bateman, Misionary to Argentina

January , 2018

Mark 3:1-6: Jesus is sitting in a synagogue, and the Pharisees are watching Him. There is a man there with a withered hand, and they watch Jesus, anticipating that He will heal the man.

Instead of being amazed and thrilled with His power to restore and heal, they watch to criticize, accuse, and judge. As soon as He heals the man, they go and take counsel in how they might destroy Him. There is a lesson here for us. People are watching us. They, too, watch in anticipation of criticizing us, waiting and lurking for a moment when we might stumble. May God help us to walk rightly. Another lesson to be learned from the story is this: Jesus never stumbled; He did all things well. They never could accuse Him, yet they still sought to take Him down. You will always have critics regardless of what you do. The Master had critics, and the disciple is not greater than the master.


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