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Shawn Bateman, Misionary to Argentina
February 08, 2019
Jesus Is Amazed
Jesus Is Amazed

Have Faith: Jesus, in Mark 6, comes back home after having been away for some time preaching in other places.

He has done great things in His ministry. He has cast out demons (Mk 1:21-28; 1:32-34; 5:1-20;).

He has raised up the sick (Mk 1:29-34; 3:6-12). He has restored the crippled. (Mk 2:1-12; 3:1-5) But when He arrives home things are different.

The Bible says in verse 6 that Christ marveled, He was amazed and in awe. It’s interesting that anything would cause the Son of God to marvel. So what exactly was it that He marveled at? Their unbelief. As a matter of fact, the Bible says that He couldn’t do many mighty deeds there. The fault wasn’t in Him; it was a result of their lack of faith. He had done the unthinkable, even the impossible, in other places.

But, here in His hometown, the One who spoke the worlds into existence was hindered! So let me ask you this, is your lack of faith hindering Christ from working in your life?


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Batemans in Argentina

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