“The Scriptures and the Power of God”

Shawn Bateman, Misionary to Argentina

April 02, 2019

In Mark 12 the Sadducees come to Jesus tempting him with a ridiculous story about the resurrection. It’s like, come on guys, y’all are reaching. Jesus gives them a sharp rebuke. They err, they are wrong, they are way off. Why? He gives the two reasons why they are wrong.

1. They don’t know the Bible. To which Jesus quotes the scriptures to prove their lack of Bible knowledge.

2. They don’t know the power of God. They don’t have a correct understanding of the scriptures and the God who gave them those scriptures. They have read the content, but they have failed in contemplating and reflecting on the meaning, implications of the whole scriptures, and the greatness of the God they serve. What things do we err in because we have failed to be real students of the scriptures?

What things do we err in because we have been unable to comprehend and understand the mightiness, power, and greatness of the God we serve?


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