We have a house!

Shawn Bateman, Misionary to Argentina

Prayer Letter March, 2019

Letter, March 2019

We have a house! We signed a contract on the house at the end of February and was able to start moving things into it the first part of March. We have been working on setting it up and buying stuff for the last three weeks. We are currently looking for a car and waiting to hear back from immigration about our paperwork. Please make these things a matter of prayer.

I’ve had opportunities to continue to preach here in the city and to teach Sunday school in a few of the churches that are here. Emily and I also have had many opportunities to witness to different people. The other day Emily had a chance to speak to a taxi driver about the gospel. She asked him what he thought he had to do to go to heaven and he proceeded to tell her that he was a good man, he has worked all his life and treated others fairly.

He has nine children, and he has taught them to work hard as well and be kind to other people. This man is hanging his acceptance with God on these things. Not once did he mention Christ, faith or the gospel.

Pray for this man and the countless others like him who believe they are good enough to be accepted with God, who do not have a clear understanding of the Gospel.

We are currently purchasing things for our future church. With setting up the house I placed looking for a location for a church on hold for a few weeks, but I still have been able to purchase things that we needed. We have already bought 10,000 gospel tracts and a guitar. I have a pulpit that is being made right now and will go this next week and look about getting chairs and Bibles.

Prayer Points:

    • Pray that we will find a location to plant the church.
    • Pray that God would work in the lives of the people we share the Gospel with each week.
    • Pray that we would find open doors as we establish a church and ministry here.


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