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Batemans in Argentina

Shawn Bateman, Misionary to Argentina

April 2019

So Easily Impressed

So Easily Impressed

Jesus and his disciples are in Jerusalem in Mark chapters 11-13, and as chapter 13 begins they are exiting the temple complex. The temple in those days was elaborate; King Herod had constructed the temple for the Jews; it took much money and several years to build. 

As buildings go, it was indeed impressive, and that is just what the disciples tell Jesus. In verse one they are showing him the structure, but Jesus sees through the grandeur. He says that shortly everything that they saw would be no more. How true were his words! Less than forty years later the Romans would level everything, and for almost 2000 years the Jews have been without a temple. What impresses you? The things of this life are temporal, fame, riches, buildings, and even countries are not permanent. The famous movie stars of the past generation will be virtually unknown in twenty to thirty years. People spend thousands of dollars on diets, gym memberships, and surgeries to look good, but alas gravity and time will do its work, and that top physique will be gone. Don’t allow your eyes to be glossed over by the temporal things of this world. Look instead to a glory that will endure. Be impressed today by the greatness of God


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Batemans in Argentina

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