“We started having services last month”

Shawn Bateman, Misionary to Argentina

Prayer Letter May, 2018

Letter, June 2019

We started having services last month. We have rented a store front and are paying for each Sunday that we use it. The last three weeks I have been out making contacts, and inviting people, but we didn’t have any visitors in the month of May. The last week in May I had printed 10,000 invitations, and we are currently in the process of handing those out. Already I have had people text me to say that they are interested in coming. We have also been passing out tracts and sharing the Gospel with the neighbors. Please pray that we might soon start seeing the results of the labor. Also we are very close to signing a contract on a building. This would give an established location for the next two years, which is something we desperately need. Pray that everything goes through.


We are still waiting to hear back from Immigration. Pray that all our paperwork will be accepted without any difficulties. Also a very special prayer request, our daughter Caroline has been complaining of headaches now for some time. After Emily did a FaceTime consultation with our doctor back in the States, we went to a doctor here, and had an pray and blood work done. The doctor treated her for a sinus infection, but after taking all the medication, her headaches still persist. Considering all of her symptoms, it seems to us that the problem might be her eyes. We are looking for a specialist right now in our city; please pray that we might get some answers soon.

The river Paraná is one of the largest rivers in the world; as a matter of fact, it is number 12. The Mississippi is number 15. Since many of you have seen the great Mississippi, I will make a comparison. The Paraná is 730 miles longer than the Mississippi. It also delivers a greater volume of water. The discharge of the Paraná is measured at 17,290 cubic meters (4,581,850 gallons) per second, which is roughly equal to 7 Olympic-size pools that flow from the Paraná into the Atlantic ocean every second. To think about the magnitud of this great river blows my imagination, and to think that there are 11 rivers in the world even larger! Best of all is that where we currently live, I can wake up every morning and look out my window to see the sun rising on this beautiful river, and behold the wonders of God’s creation here in Rosario, Argentina.

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  1. Name *César Moreno

    Saludos Bro. Aarón.

    Que bueno que ya estén empezando, vamos a estar orando por la obra y por su hijita Caroline.

    Abrazos, que el Señor los bendiga.


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