“Friends, thank you for praying! “

Shawn Bateman, Misionary to Argentina

Prayer Letter July, 2019

Ministry: Friends, thank you for praying! We now have the keys to the new location! The keys were given to me on Friday, June the 21st, and the next Monday I did a walk through with the builder who is overseeing the renovations. Here are a few things we are looking at doing: Making the one bathroom in to two. Building a temporary wall dividing up the building thereby giving us the option for an office space and classrooms. Installing a sign, new lights, a heater, and air conditioners. Painting the walls, the floor, and the outside. There is a lot of work to do. Pray for us as we ready the building and plan a big launch for the church.

Family: Many of you have contacted me about Caroline and her headaches. We still do not have any answers as to why, however about midway through June they stopped. Thank you so much for praying! They have stopped before and then come back, so we still have an appointment with a neurologist on July 2 to see if we can get some answers. Please keep praying.Also in July we celebrate our oldest daughter’s birthday. Bethany is our firecracker baby. I remember very well sitting on Main Street in downtown Easley, South Carolina, watching the fireworks while Emily was beginning to have mild contractions. Later that night we went to the hospital and Bethany was born the next morning. We thank God for her and pray that God uses her in a big way.

Rosario: Rosario is home to the Argentine flag. The flag was designed by Manuel Belgrano during the war for Independence. It made its first appearance on February 27th, 1812 here in our city of Rosario. In 1816 congress approved it as the national flag. In 1938, then-President Roberto Ortiz, designated June 20th “Flag Day” as a national holiday.

Prayer Points:

  • That the renovations will be done in two months or less.
  • That people would be saved.
  • That God would give us some young men wanting to enter the ministry.