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Shawn Bateman, Misionary to Argentina

06  August 2019

The Judgement of God

The Judgement of God

Romans 2:2 “But we are sure that the judgment of God is according to truth against them which commit such things.”

What a revealing and fearful chapter Romans 2 is, and what dreadful truths we find in it.
We see that God’s judgment is…

According to truth. There will be no Pilate on that day asking “What is truth?” There will be no discussion on relativism. All will be done upon Truth, not a truth, your truth or my perceived truth. All judgement will be done and carried out by the one who is Truth.

Without hypocrisy. In verse one, Paul speaks about those who criticize others but in reality are just as guilty. On judgement day everyone will stand before the spotless one. Acts 2:27 calls him the “Holy One” and Acts 7:52 the “Just One.”

Without prejudice. Verse 11 states that “For there is no respect of persons with God.” God is able to see through all the facades that we have constructed. It doesn’t matter to him what family you come from, be it one that is rich and prestigious, or a family that is not. There will be no one calling in favors at God’s judgement, nor will there be any victim mentality allowed there. All will be judged fairly and justly.

Entire and thorough. Verse 16 says “the secrets of men” will be judged. In other words, everything will be laid bare. Not just the actions that people can see, but the ones that were thought to be hidden. Attitudes and motivations will also be judged because Christ will be the only judge who can see into the heart of man.

Are you ready for the judgement?


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Three Conversations:

Last Thursday the Lord opened up an opportunity for me to witness to three different men. Carlos #1: Carlos is a plumber who came by the house to modify some of the pipes so we could install a dishwasher. When he had finished his work, he and I talked for close to an hour. I gave him a tract and explained the purpose of our move to Argentina.

Batemans in Argentina

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