We have started the renovation process on the church building,

Shawn Bateman, Misionary to Argentina

Prayer Letter August 2019

Ministry: We have started the renovation process on the church building, and the plan is to have everything ready by the first week of August. Things are moving along very quickly. We are also passing out invitations, and have already gone through 10,000 of them. Right now we are saturating the neighborhoods with gospel tracts. I have had more people contact me the last two weeks than in the rest of the time we have been here. It seems that God is opening doors.


Last week we went and visited a lady who had received an invitation, and she later texted me asking for prayer for her brother who had been missing for three days.


The next day she texted me saying that they had found him and she thanked me for praying. We were able to go by her house that Sunday afternoon and meet her and invite her to church. Pray for her and her daughter as we follow up with them. Their names are Liliana and Abigail. Also another door opened up for us in another neighborhood.


We were invited to teach some kids about the Bible. They live down next to the river and all their parents run fish markets that sell freshly caught fish out of the river. The first Saturday that we went we had nine children in the class. This last week we had ten. The age range is pretty broad, so I told the older ones if we grow we will divide the class. I also have the opportunity to speak to some of the parents and share the gospel with them. Pray for this open door!

Family: Continue to pray for Caroline. We have some more tests scheduled for her in August; her headaches have subsided again, and we are thankful for that.

Rosario: Did you know that Rosario translates to the English word Rosary? This shows you how entrenched Catholicism is here. Slowly, though, Catholicism is losing it’s grip on society to secularism.

Prayer Points:

  • Pray as we share the gospel with people that they would respond.
  • Pray that the building is ready on time.
  • Pray for health and protection for our family.


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