Our English classes are very well attended with around 45-55 each week so fa

Shawn Bateman, Misionary to Argentina

Prayer Letter September 2019


At the end of August we had a weekend of launch services at our church. The other churches in the city came together to help us out with the music and the food. We had good attendance, but no visitors from the neighborhood on Friday or Saturday night. Finally, on Sunday night we had nine visitors with us. They were all from our English classes that we started a few weeks ago.
Our English classes are very well attended with around 45-55 each week so far. They will continue until halfway through October. The classes have been a great way to make contacts, but we also make sure the people hear the gospel during class. Each week we have a memory verse in English. I provide the verse in
Spanish and in English on their worksheets, and I explain the verse. Each verse has something to do with salvation, and each week the people hear how much God loves them and how Jesus came to save them.
I have also started discipleship with one man who has been faithful to attend the services. He shared with me the other day that, although he has heard the Gospel for years, he has never truly understood as he now does, that salvation is by grace. Pray for him. His name is Jorge, and he has been a great blessing to us.
In September Ian and Caroline both had birthdays. Ian on the 20th and Caroline on the 22nd.
Thanks to all that sent cards and birthday wishes.

Prayer Points:

  • Prayer for Jorge
  • Pray for Emily and her family.
  • Pray for our English Classes
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