In Argentina Mother’s Day is celebrated in October instead of in May.

Shawn Bateman, Misionary to Argentina

Prayer Letter December 2019

In Argentina Mother’s Day is celebrated in October instead of in May. I don’t know of another country
that does this, so my wife gets two Mother’s Days a year. For Mother’s Day we made up 5,000 invitations and distributed them throughout the neighborhood, and we had special gifts ready for each mother in attendance. We were blessed that day to have four first-time visitors, one of which has been back every week since.
The first week in November I was privileged to attend a conference in Salta, Argentina. Salta is one of the northernmost cities in the country, and it is surrounded by beautiful mountains.
The conference was attended by around 20 missionaries and pastors from the northern part of Argentina.
My friend Kevin White, missionary to Bolivia, was invited as one of the keynote speakers.
The conference was encouraging, with good fellowship and preaching. It was striking to hear how many
pastors were discouraged, and what kind of problems they are struggling with.

Please pray for these faithful brethren.

After the conference Brother Kevin came back with me to Rosario and spend the weekend with us. He preached both services at our church that Sunday and was a great encouragement to me and to the church.

In October we celebrated Madelyn’s fifth birthday! We can’t believe our baby is so big now. Thanks to all who sent emails and cards. Each birthday card that is sent is shared and read to our children. It is a
blessing to them to know that so many people are thinking of them.

Prayer Points:

  • Prayer for Jorge
  • Pray for Emily and her family.
  • Pray for our English Classes
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