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Argentina In the News

Argentina In the News

Currently Venezuela is in the news almost on a daily basis. The failed social politics of their government has made life unbearable, and thousands are fleeing the country.

Islam In Argentina

Everyone knows that South America is a Catholic continent.  Latin America comprises of about 39% of the global population of Roman Catholics.  While on deputation some people have asked about other religions there in Argentina, specifically about Islam. It is...

News about the Falkland Islands

There has been some very interesting news recently concerning the Falkland Islands. You can click here to read the story. In April of 1982 Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands in an attempt to establish sovereignty over the islands that they had long claimed to...

Pentecost in Argentina

If every Sunday were Pentecost in Argentina, with 3,000 people saved each Sunday, how long would it take for the entire country to be converted?  To answer this question let's do some math.  First--what is the population? That answer will be different depending on who...

Shawn Bateman

Shawn Bateman

Missionary to Argentina

Shawn Bateman is a Christian, husband, father, and minister of Jesus Christ. He and his family are heading to Argentina to plant churches. Please consider partnering with us as we take the Gospel to Argentina!


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