Shawn Bateman

I received Christ as my Savior as young man. I was raised in a pastor’s home and had heard the gospel preached since I was a small child. After my conversion I had a very strong and sincere desire to serve Christ. At the age of 15 I began to have a desire to preach God’s word.

I took every available opportunity I could get to speak: devotions at our Christian school, Sunday School class, and even conducting Wednesday night prayer meetings. At the age of 18 I announced my calling to preach and moved off to Bible college.

While in Bible college I preached every Saturday at the Oconee Correctional Institute in Walhalla SC. Before graduating I sustained a severe knee injury and had to return home to NC for the next year. During this time I conducted prayer meeting every Wednesday night at Canyon Road Baptist Church in Marble, NC. Emily and I were married and we moved back to SC so I could finish my education.

It was during this time in our life that we began to have a desire for work in missions. An opportunity came for me to work in a church in Salem, SC. I began serving at Stamp Creek Baptist Church as associate pastor. I would become the Pastor two years later and remain there as Pastor for another six years.

Over the years our desire to go into missions and church-planting grew. So in the the month of February 2013, I gave our church my resignation, sold our house and moved to the Atlanta area to begin training for the mission field. We started deputation at the end September of 2013.

Emily Bateman

I was born and raised in Suwanee, Georgia. Although my family did not attend church when I was child, I had the opportunity to be in Sunday School and church many times with extended family members and friends.

Therefore, I grew up with a basic knowledge of Christ’s death and resurrection. The first time I remember the Holy Spirit speaking to me personally about my need for salvation was when I was 16 years old, at a revival meeting at Old Suwanee Baptist Church in Buford, Georgia. Sitting in the pastor’s living room, following the last night of the revival, I asked the Lord to save me. While working toward a bachelor’s degree in Practical Christian Training, I met Shawn.

We were married in 2004. Almost immediately we began attending Stamp Creek Baptist Church, where Shawn was first associate pastor and then pastor for six years. While at Stamp Creek, the Lord began to show us the great need for people to take the gospel to other parts of the world. We are excited and humbled that our family is able to participate in world missions in this way.

Ian Bateman

Ian is the oldest of the Bateman clan, and he is currently ten years old. Ian is the Lone Ranger in the family, being the only boy. Ian thinks being a missionary is a great thing to do. He was saved when he was five years old, and he enjoys going into all the many churches that we visit on deputation. Ian is an avid reader; his favorite book is the children’s edition of Pilgrims Progress. Ian’s favorite restaurant is Golden Corral, and he enjoys spending time with family. His birthday is 9/20/06.

Bethany Bateman

Bethany is the first in a long line of girls for our family. She is eight years old and is a very social little girl. She makes friends every where we go. Bethany loves art; she is constantly drawing pictures of her friends and family. She also enjoys crafts, especially making gifts for her friends. Her favorite color is purple, and her favorite Bible story is the story of David & Goliath. Her birthday is 7/5/08.

The Little Batemans

Savannah Bateman

Savannah is our fourth child and she is five years old. She is a funny little girl, with a lively, entertaining personality, and she loves to laugh. Savannah likes to cook things in her play kitchen. Like her big sister, she loves to eat at Chick-Fil-A. Her birthday is 4/23/12.

Caroline Bateman

Caroline is our third child and she is six years old. She is an excellent singer with a very strong voice. Her favorite part of visiting all the different churches we are in is going to Sunday School classes. Her favorite restaurant is Chick-Fil-A. Her birthday is 9/22/10.

Madelyn Bateman

Madelyn is the newest edition of the family she is two years old now. She likes her pacifier, cheerios, her mommy, and people to talk to her. Her Birthday is 10/18/14.

Batemans in Argentina

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